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Oil supplier - Lodha Petro

About Lodha Petro

Established in 2006, Lodha Petro is a private Indian owned and operated business, managed by founder Mr. Dhananjay Lodha. The companystarted as a petroleum products trader however in a short span of time became the leading manufacturer, supplier and exporter of speciality oils and lubricants in India. Lodha Petro is having its office at Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India with full fledge manufacturing and export facility.

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Our Belif

Being the leading petroleum product exporter in India we firmly believe thatwe succeed when our clients succeed. Therefore, in a spirit of partnership we seek to understand your particular needs as a speciality oils and lubricants manufacturer,to understand your import needs and how we can help you satisfy them. We focus on a high attention to detail and quality of our petroleum products for each and every one of our customers so that you can concentrate on your core business.

Our Product Range

Lodha Petro is full spectrum petroleum product manufacturer, supplier and exporter company. We have started with few speciality oil products and now catering to the needs of the petroleum product industry, providing a range of speciality oils and lubricants. Our products includes White Mineral Oil, Liquid Paraffin, White Petroleum Jelly, Paraffin Wax, Process Oils, Transformer Oils, Industrial Oils, Automotive Oils and other specialty oils. The expanded range of petroleum products ensures a wider choice of quality products for Lodha Petro customers to choose from. We have international quality packaging standards and capability to deliver as per your require specification.

Meet the Team

Every successful business is always backed by a good team and Lodha Petro is the best example of it. We have dedicated, expert and customer friendly team lead and managed by Mr. Dhananjay Lodha. Unlike other petroleum product exporters in India, we do not focus only on commercials however our prime focus is to serve you with best quality products. Mr. Lodha is experience professional having decade long experience in petroleum products industry. He has been involved with international operation and sales since beginning of his career and catered several domestic and international clients till now. Our team members know in an out about petroleum products, speciality oils and lubricants and can guide you with your requirement.
Find out how Lodha Petro can assist your business with our comprehensive petroleum products, speciality oils and lubricants range. Call or complete our online inquiry form for more information.

The Petroleum Industry doesn't stand still, and neither do we at LODHA Petro.


Challenges, innovations and achievements are part of the trajectory of us.
  • Ouality Control
  • Each customer is special
In LODHA, products and processes are evaluated by the area of quality, which is aimed at maintaining the quality assurance of all raw materials supplied to its customers, applying methodologies based on national and international standards, in addition to the performance of a highly qualified team.
When it comes to innovation and quality, LODHA is a leading company in the chemical and petrochemical sector. This reflects the importance that is given to internal processes of quality control.
Our top priority at LODHA has always been to understand the needs of our customers through continuous and open communication and provide products that meet each of these needs. Our Customer Satisfaction Charter is the guarantee for the distinct service we promise to our customers.
Through our Customer Relations department, which operates as a coordination center in the company, we provide time savings, speed and convenience to our customers.
LODHA oils are used in many different applications and for various ends in the Chemical Industry. Here, chances are you will find the most suitable products for your needs and if not, we will make it for you.
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