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Automotive Lubricants

Automotive Oils & Lubricants
Engine is the heart of any vehicle hence the maintenance of the vehicle heart is most important and critical. Engine oils are the essential element to care about your vehicle engine. Your engine is a complex machine with hundreds of moving parts that operate under a wide range of temperatures and stresses. The oil you select needs to be equally capable of coping with these operating conditions to provide engine protection against wear, corrosion and buildup of dirt and carbon deposits. By carefully selecting the best oil for your vehicle, you can improve engine performance, extend engine life and reduce emissions.

Automotive Engine Oils Supplier in India

Like so many other petroleum product we at Lodha petro also known as Automotive Engine Oils Supplier in India. Does not matter what vehicle you are using if there is a requirement of Automotive Engine Oils the Lodha Petro will be there. We have been serving the major dealers,

distributers and companies for their Automotive Engine Oils requirement since 2006. Being the best Automotive Engine Oils Supplier we have developed a strong network all across the India and major part of the world and our target is to become the first company who serve all subcontinent with best quality products.

Automotive Engine Oils Manufacturer in India

Indian companies are known for the low cost production and economic products. Lodha Petro is the most reliable name in Automotive Engine Oils manufacturing in India. Lodha brand engine oils are manufactured by selecting premium quality hydrotreated (group ll) and hydrocracked (group Ill) base oils and special additives to meet the highest performance level. Our production capacity and flexibility towards specification makes us the best Automotive Engine Oils manufacturer in India.

Automotive Engine Oils Exporter

When it comes to export the major parameter is international standards and logistic. As a leading Automotive Engine Oils Exporter does not feel any above mentioned challenge because our expert team know and care about all required international standards along with good supply chain management. Our strong clientele worldwide makes us the best Automotive Engine Oils Exporter from India.

Automotive Engine Oils - USP

Product Name PDS MSDS
Engine Oil 40 & 20W40 More Info More Info
Lodha Pride More Info More Info
Engine CF4 & 15W40 More Info More Info
Super Maxima Engine Oil More Info More Info
Super Champ Engine Oil More Info More Info

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