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White Petroleum Jelly

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White Petroleum Jelly
White Petroleum Jelly Supply
White Petroleum Jelly Manufacturing
White Petroleum Jelly is completely purified mixture of semi-solid hydrocarbons obtained from by-product of petroleum refining, and wholly or nearly decolorized. It may contain a suitable antioxidant.

White Petroleum Jelly Supplier in India

Lodha Petro is the leading white petroleum jelly supplier in India. We have started our operation in 2006 as a small petroleum products trader however years of hard work and dedication made us the most trust worthy name as a white petroleum jelly supplier in India. Unlike other traders and small companies we do not depend on manufacturer for petroleum products, we have our on manufacturing
unit which enable us to keep our promises at its best. We are supplying a whole range for White Petroleum Jellies which cover a vast range for the Pharmaceutical, Veterinary, Personal Care and industrial applications.

White Petroleum jelly Manufacturer

We have our own manufacturing unit for white petroleum jelly production in India. Our machineries are well advanced and produce white petroleum jelly as per international standards. Being the leading White Petroleum jelly Manufacturer we have served domestic and international market with best quality products. Our approach of producing white petroleum jelly is the application where it is going to use. Different industry needs different specification and Lodha Petro never compromised with technical specification and quality.

White Petroleum jelly Exporter from India

Indian companies are well known for petroleum products and many players are recognized on international level. Lodha petro is one of the prominent names as a white petroleum jelly exporter from India. As we mentioned that we have manufacturing unit hence the specification and packaging of products are take care by Lodha Petro itself which means maintaining international standards for export is not challenge for us. We have been serving wide range of companies in Europe, Gulf, Australia, Latin America and Africa with our quality white petroleum jelly.

White Petroleum Jelly Usage

Petroleum Jelly is odorless and colorless and it has an inherently long shelf life. These qualities make Petroleum Jelly a popular ingredient in skincare products and cosmetics. With highly refined hydrocarbons our petroleum jellies used in Pharmaceutical, Veterinary and Personal Care applications. Our Industrial grade petroleum jellies are used in a wide variety of applications in the rubber, automotive and other industrial segments.
Packing Options: Mild Steel Drums

Lodha Petro White Petroleum Jelly Technical Specification

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