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White Hard Parafin

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White Hard Parafin
White Hard Parafin Supply
White Hard Parafin Export

White Hard Parafin Supplier in India

Hard Parafin is a kind of white petroleum jelly and largely produced in India. Hard Parafin is well-known brand registered by Unilever and used for skincare worldwide. It is a combination of German word for water (wasser) and the Greek word for oil (oleon). India is considered the best places for white petroleum jelly manufacturing and you can find several white Hard Parafin suppliers in India however Lodha petro is the most trust worth name among them. Since inception in 2006 Lodha Petro is consistently involved as a white Hard Parafin supplier in India. Our manufacturing capacity for white petroleum jelly products is very high and can serve domestic as well as international market easily.

White Hard Parafin Manufacturer

As we mentioned that it is a type of white petroleum jelly. The process of white Hard Parafin manufacturing start in hygienic conditions which is mixture of mineral oils, paraffin and microcrystalline waxes, when we these all blended together a soft jelly that has a melting point just above human body temperature produced. We have technologically advanced unit for white petroleum jelly manufacturing hence considered best white Hard Parafin manufacturer in India. Our units are well equipped with latest equipment and great combination of automation and personal care. We understand the market demand for quality white petroleum jelly and to meet the demand our staff work hard hence we sustain as a leading white Hard Parafin manufacturer.

White Hard Parafin Exporter

The management at Lodha Petro is firm believer of business ethics and quality which is two major parameters when we talk about export. We have been number one white Hard Parafin exporter from India since last 11 years. Our competitive pricing and high product quality in international market helps us to secure front seat as a leading white Hard Parafin exporter. We have international packaging standards and on time delivery mechanism which makes us different from other white Hard Parafin exporters in India. We provide two option of packing to our clients one is small packing or oz quantity packing this type of packing mainly import by retailers or distributors. Second is bulk packing in Mild Steel Drums this type packing mostly preferred by large scale companies.

White Hard Parafin Usage

The basic and most popular usage of white Hard Parafin is in soothing dressing for broken skin. Apart from the skin care it is used in hair oils, perfumes, creams, soaps, Lotions and other personal care products. The Pharmaceuticals and industrial companies also use white Hard Parafin in their various application and products.

White Hard Parafin Technical Specification from Lodha Petro

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