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Snow White Petroleum Jelly

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White Petroleum Jelly
Snow White Petroleum Jelly
White Petroleum Jelly Packaging

Snow White Petroleum Jelly Supplier

Lodha Petro is engaged in the supplying of High Purity snow white petroleum jelly since last 15 years. We have built strong reputation as a snow white petroleum jelly supplier over the year and it has been critical to our success. The property and color of the product is like snow hence the name given snow white petroleum jelly. It is soft unctuous in nature produce with semi solid mixture of hydrocarbons. Our deep understanding about the product and technical specification expertise makes us the best snow white petroleum jelly supplier in India. We are committed to supply high quality products to our customer and our products are appreciated by various domestic and international companies.

Snow White Petroleum Jelly Manufacturer

We have wide range of petroleum products from Lodha petro and snow white petroleum jelly is one of them. Unlike other snow white petroleum jelly supplier we do not depend on other manufacturing unit we have our own factory. We are leading snow white petroleum jelly manufacturer in India. Our approach toward manufacturing is very simple develop the product which is in demand and as per technical specification. This unique approach enables us to produce the right specification product as per our client’s requirement.

Snow White Petroleum Jelly Usage

Snow White Petroleum Jelly is a FDA approved product for skin protector and also used in cosmetic skin care products which is purified mixture of semi solid hydrocarbons produce from crude petroleum. It is such a versatile and used in many applications like Cosmetic, Industrial and Pharmaceutical & veterinary. Main application of snow white petroleum jelly are in Lip care, eyelashes creams, moist face cream, body lotion substitute, make up remover etc.

Snow White Petroleum Jelly Exporter

Being the leading snow white petroleum jelly exporter from India we follow all important international standards. We manufacturer premium quality Snow White Petroleum Jelly meets the requirement of US FDA 21 CFR172.880, British Pharmacopoeia and European Pharmacopoeia and USP standards. While manufacturing our team keep all international packaging standards in mind and hence the export becomes easy for us. Our clientele is spread in all over the world including gulf, Africa, North Asia, Latin America, Australia and Europe. Since last five years we have seen tremendous growth in our export process which makes us the largest snow white petroleum jelly exporter from India.

Grades Available : IP, USP, BP, NF, EuP, JP & EP Standards

Packing Options : 175 Kilograms Mild Steel Drums.

Product Data Sheet:

Product Name PDS MSDS
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