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Our Featured Services

With technical staff and a complete laboratory infrastructure, logistics and operations, LODHA gives the market the necessary technical support and a range of services to our customer's such as:
  • Development of our products according to the needs of our each customer;
  • Special products for performance gains, quality or process;
  • Developing sustainable products with less impact on health, safety and the environment;
  • Preparation and supply of products with the composition and specification defined by the customer.
All this with a commitment to be a business partner always ready to exceed expectations, exceed goals and do much more by the customer.
Success doesn't come from just breakthrough innovation. It also comes from flawless execution. However, the best supply chains aren't just fast and cost-effective. They are also agile and adaptable.
At LODHA, supply chain and stock management is an integral part of our business. We are fully compliant with local legal, regulatory and ethical standards. This guarantees safe and optimum storage conditions, quality, supply and on-time delivery. So you can buy in full confidence.
LODHA can tailor specific solutions to meet your needs. Customers can buy in bulk and/or consolidate purchases to take advantage of a one-stop-shop approach. We also carry stocks to ensure a "just in time" delivery for our customers.
At LODHA, support is always within easy reach when you need answers or assistance. We have specialist sales and customer service teams who understand your challenges. Our people are service orientated — reliable and responsive. We also encourage innovative and entrepreneurial thinking across the whole business. So whether you need in-depth technical expertise or a just some fresh new ideas, we have the right people to help you.
All this with a commitment to be a business partner always ready to exceed expectations, exceed goals and do much more by the customer.
At LODHA we understand that innovation starts with an untested idea. Our sampling service helps you to properly evaluate products before you scale-up. Product samples are dispatched from our purpose-built facilities, with support documentation such as Certificates of Analysis (where appropriate). We employ the highest regulatory and safety standards in our sampling procedures. We can supply samples for all applications - secure, safe and reliable.
Whatever you need just Email us. We will be pleased to help . Quickly, Confidently and reliably.
LODHA has well established fully equipped laboratories in. They provide formulation, analytical, testing and training support with a primary focus on Beauty and Personal Care applications. They are also used to work on confidential customer specific projects. This is complimented with a team of dedicated experienced staff throughout the region providing technical assistance to customers from product-concept to scale-up and launch. Together with our partners, we offer a comprehensive range of technical support with market-focussed expertise.
Ingredient Plus always has a eye on the future — looking at the latest trends and opportunities. The one permanent in business has always been change, so it's important to understand the latest developments in the market and then to predict, shape and capitalize on opportunities as they develop. We bring a balanced mix of quantitative and qualitative research to customers. This is often translated into prototype formulation kits or dynamic customer seminars and training sessions.