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White Mineral Oil Supplier

Finding mineral oil supplier in India?

You have come to right place, we at Lodha Petro – a leading mineral oil supplier in India provide you the best quality white mineral oil in most competitive price.Mineral oil is an ingredient that is derived from crude oil and has gone through many stages of processing and refining. Being the best white mineral oil manufacturer we prmiss that our product will fufill all required technical specification as per your industry needs.

White Mineral Oils are high refined and derived base oils after removal of Sulphur, Nitrogen and other dirty liquids, also consist of saturated aliphatic and alicyclic non-polar liquid hydrocarbons.

White Mineral Oils are hydrophobic and colourless and tasteless, odourless. Mineral Oils are chemically strong and biologically stable speciality oils, non-comedogenic and they prevent pathogenic bacterial growth that’s why they are efficiently using in Food Industry. Lodha Mineral Oils having applications in Pharmaceutical, Food, Cosmetic, Household, Electric, Rubber, Medicinal, Agricultural and other Industries with large numbers of customers satisfaction . To define our Mineral Oils more briefly we are categorizing our product in to different catagories:

White Mineral Oil Pharma Grade/Cosmetic Grade oils used in Baby Oils, Bath Oils, Hair Preparation, Ointment, Lotions, Eye Makeup, Laxatives, Emulsifiable Oils, Medical Products, Creams, Eye Liner etc.

White Oil Technical Grade/ Industrial Grade oil used as Machinery Lubricants, Hot Melt, Plasticizer for PS & PVC, Extender oils, Paint Stripper & Textile Manufacturing, Furniture Polish, Rice Shining Chemical, Wine Packaging Materail etc.

Packing: 190 Kilograms net new HDPE Drums, 175 Kilograms MS Drums, IBC Tank & Flexi Bag

As a prominent supplier of White Mineral Oils in India we provide international standards USFDA, EP, JP, BP & Japanese Pharmacopeia approved products.

white mineral oil specifications

Product Name PDS MSDS
White Oil Pharma Grade More Info More Info
White Oil Technical Grade More Info More Info