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Lanolin Supplier in India

Being the leading Lanolin manufacturer, exporter or supplier in India, Lodha Petro is become trusted name among international and domestic buyers. LANOLIN is highly refined & completely purified natural grease which originating from the natural secretion of the sebaceous glands in sheep's skin so as to form a natural protective coating on the wool fibers. This unique substance, although having the physical consistency of soft grease, is chemically wax and is completely different from the body fat of animal. The crude wax / grease is extracted from natural greasy wool. It has been scientifically studied and industrially manufactured only since the end of the last century.

Lanolin Usage

Cosmetic, personal care & Pharmaceuticals Grade Lanolin are many uses in the cosmetics, personal care and pharmaceuticals industry, where the emulsifying power and emollient moisturizing effect can be put to good use. Lanolin is mainly used in ointment bases where it acts as a carrier for active ingredients. It includes rapid penetration into the stratum corneum assisting absorption. Lanolin and its various derivatives are considered as safe and effective ingredients which are suitable for use in product applications not restricted skin care cosmetics, but also hair care formulate.
Further Lanolin is, by far one Cosmetic Ingredient that is truly classic. In this one remarkable material resides an Emollient, A Moisturizer, A Super fatting agent & an emulsifier.

Industrial Grade

Lanolin can be used for variety of technical applications, such as lubricants or protective preparations for ferrous metals. Indeed, the number of potential uses for lanolin has increased dramatically as a result of its use in important industrial processes and a wide range of technical applications.
In anti corrosion preparation, Lanolin is an outstanding protective for ferrous metals. Owing to its polar nature it has much better adhesion to metal surfaces than hydrocarbon, also lanolin has good compatibility with wide range of additives to provide harder or softer protective films. Lanolin films have the advantages of being easily removable when required. Lanolin is used commercially in many industrial applications ranging from rust-proof coatings to Lubricants.

Uses of Lanolin & Its Derivatives

Lanolin and its derivatives are used as key ingredients in some of the world's most popular brands of pharmaceuticals (for topical applications), personal care/cosmetics and toiletries. In lack of Lanolin these products will not have the required qualities of emollient, moisturizer, water-in-oil emulsifier or co-emulsifier, plasticizer, dispersing agent and super-fatting agent - all rolled into one.

Other Applications:

  • Cosmetics
  • Topical Pharmaceutical & Healthcare
  • Hair care
  • Soaps & Detergents
  • Baby skin Treatment
  • Rust preventive / Anti Rust oils:
  • Metal Treatment
  • Lubricants
  • Surgical, Non-surgical and Industrial Adhesive Tapes and plasters
  • Thermal Transfers Ribbons & Inks
  • Paints
  • Polishes
  • Cutting oils
  • Engine corrosion Inhibitors
  • Leather & Textiles
  • Putty
  • Industrial Hand Cleaner creams & Lotions
  • Bulb Industry
  • Mould Releasing agents
  • Talcum Powder
  • Baseball Players
  • Washing of wool Diaper Covers

Lodha Petro - a reliable name in Lanolin Manufacturing

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