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Paraffin Wax

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Paraffin Wax

Paraffin Wax is white or yellow, fully refined and colorless and odorless, soft solid derived from crude petrol. Paraffin Wax is a mixture of hydrocarbon molecule it is having about twenty to forty carbon atoms. It is in solid form, or paraffin wax liquid form is known as Mineral Oil.

Paraffin Wax Manufacturer and Supplier

Indian petroleum product industry is growing day by day and the demand of paraffin wax is witness of it. Indian have hundreds of small and big paraffin wax suppliers however Lodha Petro is market leader in Paraffin Wax supply.

Our industrial experience and advance machinery makes the best paraffin Wax manufacturer and supplier. We are supplying two grade of Paraffin Wax are Fully Refined and Semi Refined Paraffin Wax. When we talk about Paraffin Wax range it is basically depend on temperature and our products melting range varies from 42°C to 60°C. Being the leading Paraffin Wax Manufacturer we produce it in pellet, powder and slab form. Our diverse and wide product range helps you to choose product as per your requirement. Our reputation as paraffin wax supplieris a result of decade long hard work and dedication and to maintain it we provide best support to our customers.

Paraffin Wax Exporter

The Industrial growth of India is significant and especially in petroleum products industry. Indian technical expertise is well known to world and the result of this Indian petroleum products are second highest exported commodity. We are contributing in the growth as a leading paraffin wax exporter from India since 2006. Our loyal clientele exist in various part of the world including Africa, Gulf, Europe, Latin America and Asia. Lodha petro have a dedicated export unit which helps you in all aspect of export including documentation, packaging and transport. Our reputation and brand name as paraffin wax exporter give you the guarantee of quality.

Paraffin Wax Usage

Paraffin Wax offers excellent protection and water barrier properties making it ideal for coating cardboard and paper especially for the food industry. Due to its ability to blend with a variety of wax based products it forms an essential ingredient in polish, cosmetic and candle manufacturing. Paraffin Wax emulsion is mainly used as a construction chemical to protect concrete against corrosion.

Lodha Petro Paraffin Wax Technical Specification

Product Name Melting Point,C PDS MSDS
Paraffin Wax - Fully Refined 58.0—60.0 More Info More Info
Paraffin Wax - Semi Refined 58.0—64.0 More Info More Info