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Light Liquid Paraffin

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White Mineral Oil
Liquid Parafin
Light Liquid Parafin

Light Liquid Paraffin is a highly purified mixture of chemically stable saturated hydrocarbons that are obtained from Base Oil. Liquid Paraffin is transparent and colourless and odourless in properties. Liquid paraffin oil free from Fluorescence by day-light and odorless in nature when kept in cold environment and having shelf life of two years.

Light Liquid Paraffin Supplier

Along with other petroleum products we also deal in light liquid paraffin. We have been serving clientele worldwide and famously known as light liquid paraffin supplier in India. All the companies who are using light liquid paraffin for their usage consider Lodha

petro as a reliable light liquid paraffin supplier for their needs. Our aim is to provide best quality products and as per right industrial technical specification. So far we have earned a strong reputation as a light liquid paraffin supplier and our hard team is working hard to make it more efficient and quick process for our clients.

Light Liquid Paraffin Manufacturer

As we mentioned that we are manufacturer and supplier of petroleum products and developed in-house manufacturing capacity in India. We are considered the leading light liquid paraffin manufacturer in India. Whether you are using light liquid paraffin for cosmetic, pharmaceutical, food or other house hold products we can manufacturer as per your specification. Our flexibility to provide any quantity and specification makes us the best light liquid paraffin manufacturer in India.

Light Liquid paraffin usage

Transparent and colorless property of light liquid paraffin makes it widely used petroleum product. Cosmetic industry is main consumer of light liquid paraffin in their product developments like baby oils, Cream, lotions, hair oils, lipstick, ointments and eye make-up. The second largest consumer is pharmaceutical companies they used light liquid paraffin in eye ointment, laxatives, antiseptic creams & medicated oils. It is also used in food industry as a cooking foil production, tobacco processing, and food packaging material. There are other miscellaneous usages of light liquid paraffin in hot melt, plastic production, fiber emulsion, paint stripper, furniture polishing, insecticides perfume, rubber & tyre production, lubricant, solvents, silicon oils and dust control cleaning oils.

Light Liquid Paraffin Exporter

The various usage of the product make it demanding in international market and to serve international clientele Lodha petro act as light liquid paraffin exporter from India. Our international sales channel and customer support team is very efficient as far as specification is concern. We can produce and export any quantity with given specification. Since last one decade we are getting number one position as a light liquid paraffin exporter and we work hard to maintain it.

Light Liquid Paraffin USP

Product Name Viscosity at 40C, cSt PDS MSDS
Liquid Paraffin L 50 7.0—9.0 More Info More Info
Liquid Paraffin L 60 9.0—11.0 More Info More Info
Liquid Paraffin L 85 11.0—15.0 More Info More Info
Liquid Paraffin L 110 19.5—24.0 More Info More Info