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Rubber Process Oil

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Rubber Oil Process
Rubber Oil

Rubber Process Oil

Rubber is the key component of industrial growth worldwide. It becomes the critical element in day to day life of everyone e.g. – simple rubber band to manufacturing of vehicle tyres it is used everywhere. Being the leading rubber process oil supplier in India we have served hundreds of rubber product companies with our rubber process oilsproducts. Rubber Process Oils are used during mixing of rubber compounds hence become the critical ingredient for rubber based industry. They improve the dispersion of fillers and flow property of the compound during process. Since our inception in 2006 we evolve as rubber process oil supplier and now we started international operation and serving more than 30 countries with our products.

Rubber Process Oil Manufacturer

Indian is the prominent player in Petroleum product export due to it’s technically advance refinery infrastructure. Although India imports crude oil however we are the second largest manufacturer and exporter of petroleum products especially rubber process oils in Asia. India has several rubber process oil manufacturers however Lodha Petro emerges as a leading player in market. Lodha Petro is considered as leading rubber process oil manufacturer in India. We are offering high quality rubber process oil at the lowest possible prices in international market. Our aggressive strategy in manufacturing and supply makes us the best rubber process oil manufacturer in India.

Types of Rubber Processing Oils

The classification of rubber process oils took place on the basis of carbon atoms present in it.
The major classification is as follow –

  • Paraffinic Rubber Process Oils
  • Naphthenic Rubber Process Oils
  • Aromatics Rubber Process Oils

Above are the major types of rubber process oils manufactured in India.

Rubber Process Oil Exporter

Manufacturing and supplying of rubber process oils in domestic market is the one aspect of our business. We at Lodha petro have a dedicated export unit for rubber oils. Our high reputation among the international buyers makes us the best rubber process oil exporter in India. Our global presence and capacity to meet international packaging standards distinguish us from other rubber process oil exporters from India. We have in-house capacity to server you with correct technical specification and required quantity on time. Being the best rubber process exporter we hope to build long-term business relations with your esteem company.

Rubber Process Oil Technical Specification

Product Name Type PDS MSDS
Rubber Processing Oil Aromatic More Info More Info
Rubber Processing Oil Naphthenic More Info More Info
Rubber Processing Oil Paraffinic More Info More Info