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Emulsifying Wax

Emulsifying Wax

Emulsifying wax Manufacturer in India

Indian cosmetic industry is increasing day by day and it encourages the ingredients demand to a new level. Very few people know that Emulsifying wax is an important cosmetic ingredient which is manufacturer in India. We have several small and big Emulsifying wax manufacturers in India. The Indian companies not only fulfill the domestic demand however involve in Emulsifying wax export to various countries. Lodha Petro is one of the best Emulsifying wax manufacturer in India. We have strong international presence and hence consider the best Emulsifying wax exporter in India.

Emulsifying wax from Lodha Petro

We provide high quality Emulsifying waxto various industries across the globe. We have wide range of Emulsifying wax which includes all the required variation whether in color or specification.

Our rich product range makes us the best Emulsifying wax supplier in India. Our in-house production capacity is sufficient enough to serve local and international market simultaneously. Lodha Petro is trust worthy name in petroleum products and earned a strong reputation as Emulsifying wax supplier in India.

Types of Emulsifying Wax and Property

Emulsifying Wax is by product of Petroleum WAX. It is produced when wax material is treated with sodium dodecyl sulfate or polysorbates. Self emulsifying waxes are White in color & solid in nature and odorless. Non Ionic emulsifying wax obtained from Cetearyl Alcohol and polysorbate fatty alcohols. The ratio of the emulsifying wax depends on consistency of emulsion either you want thick or thin type. Emulsifying wax are also called Polawax and are available in various Non Ionic and Anionic range.

  • A. Product Type: Emulsifying Wax - NON- IONIC
  •     Color & Description: White Waxy Solid Odour Faint & Characteristic.
  • B.Product Type: Emulsifying Wax - NON- IONIC
  •     Color: Creamy White

Emulsifying wax Usage

The major use ofEmulsifying wax is in cosmetic industry worldwide. The major lotion, creams, shampoo and sunscreen brands use Emulsifying wax in their products. Apart from cosmetic industry Emulsifying wax is widely used in pharmaceuticals industry to ointments, penicillin cream and eye ointment. The usage of Emulsifying wax is not limited to cosmetic and pharmaceuticals industry and other small sectors are also using it in limited quantity.

To know more about Lodha petro Emulsifying wax quality, pricing and technical specification feel free to contact us anytime. Being the leading Emulsifying wax exporter in India we have strong and dedicated sales team to assist you for your need.

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