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Quenching Oils

Quenching refers to the process of rapid cooling of steel components after heating for sufficient time at a certain temperature to impart strength and hardness. The media used for quenching include water, mineral oil, molten salt, brine solutions and synthetic oils, but mineral oil based quenching medium find the widest application because of the following benefits.
  • Control is easier and uniform hardness can be achieved
  • Suitable for large scale applications
  • These oils are non corrosive and non toxic. Lodha grades are specially formulated from highly refined mineral oils with additives and have the following characteristics
  • Excellent thermal stability
  • Good oxidation and chemical stability
  • Low volatility
  • High flash and fire point.

Quenching Oils - USP

Product Name PDS MSDS
QUENCH 7 & C 70 More Info More Info
QUENCH 11 & SL 11 More Info More Info
QUENCH 32 M More Info More Info
QUENCH SUPER 20 More Info More Info
QUENCH MQ 120 More Info More Info
QUENCH MQ 150 More Info More Info