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Metalworking Fluids

Water Soluble and Straight Cutting Oils

Metal working oils are used in metal removing application. The primary function of these oils is to allow higher cutting speeds and to prolong the life of cutting tools. Other functions such as improving surface finish, corrosion protection for tool, machine components and workpiece, cleanliness of machine surfaces are equally important. Metal working oils are classified into following categories:
  • Neat cutting oils
  • Soluble cutting oils
  • Semi-synthetic oils
Neat cutting oils are used in moderate to heavy duty operations in which lubrication is of prime importance. These are used as supplied without any dilution with water. The products are applied copiously to flood the work-tool-chip area thoroughly to get maximum cooling effect to increase tool life and production.. LODHA manufactures different grades of neat cutting oils. These products are blend of solvent refined mineral oils and additives and are formulated considering operation, metal and performance requirements.

Lodha Neat Oils Range:

Product Name PDS MSDS
CUT NS More Info More Info
CUT NS 1000 SERIES More Info More Info
CUT A12 More Info More Info
CUT A12 PREMIUM More Info More Info
HONE 7 More Info More Info
HONE 7S More Info More Info
CUT ULTRA GG More Info More Info
CUT ULTRA GH More Info More Info
CUT NF 20,22,32 More Info More Info
CUT NF-9 (BR) More Info More Info


Soluble and semi synthetic cutting oils are emulsifiable in water and are used in light to heay duty operations. These products are a blend of refined mineral oil, emulsifier, additives and suitable bactericides which can be used for ferrous and non ferrous metals. These are not recommended to be used for machining of magnesium and its alloys due to risk of fire hazard.

These are further categorized as:

General purpose soluble cutting oil - consists of mineral oil, emulsifier and other additives. Widely used in industry and are least expensive.
Semi synthetic oils - contain mineral as well as synthetic components to meet lubrication and cooling requirement of certain operations.

Preparation of soluble oil emulsion

In preparing the emulsion of soluble oils with water, always add the oil to the water (and not vice/ versa to prevent inversion of emulsion.) The requisite quantity of oil is to be added to two to three parts of water to prepare concentrated emulsion. This can be diluted by adding it to requisite quantity of water in the tank.
To achieve the optimum performance of the soluble cutting oil:
Product Name PDS MSDS
METCUT S-PLUS More Info More Info
METCUT PREMIUM More Info More Info
METROLL AL Heavy More Info More Info
METROLL AL-Plus More Info More Info
SYNTHCUT -25 HP More Info More Info
SYNTHCUT -25S More Info More Info
SYNTHCUT -EP 40 HD More Info More Info
SYNTHCOOL 50 More Info More Info